From warehousing and inventory to order processing, distribution and shipping, we’re here to meet your every fulfillment need.

Prompt. Accurate. Branded according to your specifications. These are the hallmarks of KAAR fulfillment.

Fulfillment Services

  • Product & Literature fulfillment
  • Kitting and complex hand assembly
  • Print on Demand (POD)
  • Warehouse – Logistics


The foundation of our supply chain model is to reduce cost while remaining flexible and nimble in order to scale up or down as our client’s needs change. We understand the importance of having sufficient materials to promote your products and services. We also understand how costly it can be to over-order and have to throw away unused inventory.

We partner with you to forecast and analyze your production needs and reduce the risks associated with maintaining high inventories.

“We believe in good planning, working smart,
transparency, and communication”

Our turnkey solutions get your literature and products to prospects and customers with increased speed to market.

Whether you require long run production, JIT (just in time) releases inventory or DPOD (Digital Print on Demand), we have a solution that will reduce overall cost and increase visibility.


Our core offering includes:

  • Product Management
  • Packaging Design
  • Dynamic Document Printing
    Kitting and Assembly
  • eCommerce and eMarketing
  • Product & Literature Fulfillment
  • Web base OMS
  • Distribution
    • Logistics
    • Truckload
    • LTL
    • Courier
    • Air
    • Ocean
    • Commingling
    • Co-Mailing
    • Co-Palletization
    • Drop-Shipping